A musical Advent calendar

Even though the holidays are just around the corner, our kids can find it hard to wait! These days, it’s easy to find an Advent calendar to help us pass the time. Each day in December before Christmas, you open up a different window to find a surprise—usually chocolate. Some parents go the DIY route and build their own calendar, filled with candy, toys or miniature stuffed animals. But this year, why not start a new tradition and give your ears a treat?

This Christmas, you can use Mazaam, an educational app for kids, to create a musical Advent calendar. Just visit the “Parents” section to see the wide range of songs available for free streaming.

Every morning (or bedtime), choose a piece of classical music and listen to it with your kid. Then, you can discuss what you heard and how it made you feel. This will encourage your child to appreciate different types of music and learn what they love.

According to research conducted by J. Craig Peery and Irene Weiss Peery at Brigham Young University, children who are regularly exposed to classical music through educational activities will build more of a preference for this type of music than children who don’t. So this year, in those snowy weeks leading up to Christmas, get cozy and spend each day opening new windows onto a magical, musical universe.

Peery, J. C., & Peery, I. (1986). Effects of exposure to classical music on the musical preference of preschool children. Journal of Research in Music Education, 24–33.

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